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Therapeutic diet No. 7: permitted and prohibited products

Лечебная диета №7: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыDoctors told what you can and can not eat in acute and chronic nephritis in the diet №7.

Usually a diet number 7 appoint patients with kidney inflammation (nephritis) and such types of diseases such as: glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis and shunt nephritis. As one of the characteristic symptoms of all types of jade is swelling, nutritionists specially made diet No. 7, which created shortages of salt and protein.

Tighten the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys is impossible, because it can lead to serious complications. By the way, the reasons for the development of nephritis are: thrombosis, cancer, gynecological disorders, intoxication, poisons, allergies, tuberculosis, flu, diabetes, syphilis, and so on.

In addition to prescribed drugs, the patient should stick to a diet №7, which will effect on the health of the person and will help his immune system to quickly deal with the disease.

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Allowed food on diet No. 7:

– vegetable soups without salt;

– salt-free baked goods;

– lean fish, meat, poultry;

– all cereals and potatoes as side dishes;

– fruits and vegetables;

– dairy products;

– med;

– diuretic drinks: hibiscus tea, broth hips, green tea, etc.

These products are strictly prohibited to use in jade:

– bakery products;

soups on meat and fish and mushroom broths;

– sausage;

– semi-finished products: pelmeni, vareniki, cutlets;


– pickles, including fish salt;

– pickled and fermented vegetables, fruits;

– chocolate and all other sweets;

– coffee and cocoa;

– alcohol;

– sorrel, onions and garlic;

– hard cheeses.

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It is possible that after a diet №7, you will be lighter by a few pounds, but jade is vital to adhere to the rules of clinical nutrition. The lost weight will soon return, but still, even after the cure of inflammation of the kidneys is not necessary to lean on the previously forbidden foods, as they can provoke an aggravation you just eliminated inflammatory disease.

As with other serious illnesses, jade needs timely treatment. If time does not begin to treat, from the acute form chronic it is reformatted and then the symptoms will catch up person from 3 to 10 times per year. Although, even in chronic nephritis the patient can control the situation and achieve long-term remission.

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