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Therapeutic diet No. 5: permitted and prohibited products

Лечебная диета №5: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыDiet number 5 is assigned to patients with diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Usually a diet number 5 is recommended for patients with diseases such as: hepatitis, cirrhosis, drip in the liver and gall bladder, cholecystitis and others. But it can also stick to those people who want to cleanse the liver from toxins and help your body cope with intoxication, signs of which appear on the General background of poor health, on the face, rashes and so on.

Features of therapeutic diet №5:

1. The reduction in the diet of animal fats.

2. No cholesterol, not only overloading the vascular system and the liver.

3. The products can not fry, only allowed to boil or cook for a couple.

4. Soups and soup should cook the vegetable broth.

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These products doctors recommend to their patients use diet №5:

milk and milk products with low fat or even fat-free;

– buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, oats, millet, and barley cereals;

– meat and fish you should choose low-fat varieties;

– sweet is only allowed dried fruits;

– the bread should be stale or dried in the oven;

– fresh and the last heat treatment the fruits, berries and vegetables;

green and black tea.

The list of prohibited products for those who have problems with the liver and gallbladder:

– fresh bread and pastries;

fatty meat, bacon, fish, poultry and mushrooms;

– fatty milk products;

– canned and smoked meats;

– semi-finished products and sausage products;

– coffee, cocoa, carbonated water, alcoholic beverages;

– all existing sweets;

– herbs, spices, pepper;

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– spinach, sorrel, green onions, leeks, garlic;

– hard cheese;

– peas, beans, asparagus and other legumes.

Period diet №5

If a person has a disease, it is recommended to sustain a diet number 5 no less, for so long as his condition does not improve. In the case of chronic diseases of the liver and gallbladder, the doctors suggest for the rest of my life to adhere to the rules of table # 5. When the man himself decided to help his liver and wished to “clean” the body, at least 2-3 weeks he will need to follow this system of clinical nutrition. Preferably after the diet not to attack the forbidden foods, otherwise you can return to the previous state.

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