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Therapeutic diet No. 15: permitted and forbidden foods

Лечебная диета №15: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыDietary table No. 15 considered General, because it is recommended to follow patients with different ailments.

Doctors suggest to stick to a diet №15 those people who have diagnoses not requiring that they adhere to a strict medical diet. But dietary table No. 15 is still considered medicinal and assigned patients with various illnesses to ensure that patients gain strength and easily tolerated treatment process, then quickly recovered.

The main rules of the diet №15:

1. Excluded from the diet products, the absorption of which digestive tract spends a lot of energy and time.

2. To stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Firstly, because alcohol is not combined with most medications. Secondly, alcohol is a poison, causing irreparable damage to health, especially that of a person who is already sick.

3. To make a balanced menu for the day where carbs must be around 400 grams of protein and 95 grams of fat — 100 gr. Daily caloric content of foods that people eat should not exceed 2900 kcal.

Permitted foods on the diet number 15:

– bread, preferably not fresh out of the oven;

– the vegetable or meat, but not fat, broths;

– porridge;

– fruits and vegetables, raw and thermally processed;

natural fresh juices from vegetables and fruits;

– beans and greens;

– meat and fish, and seafood;

– sweets: honey, jam, marmalade, marshmallow, candy, dark chocolate in small quantities;

– weak tea, better green;

– dairy products, cheese, cheese;

herbal teas designed to maintain health.

Forbidden foods on the diet number 15:

fatty meat, bacon;

– margarine, cooking oils;

– black, red, white pepper;

mustard and other spicy sauces;

alcoholic beverages

– mushrooms;

– sausage, sausages and other offal;

– semi-finished products;

– fried and smoked products.

Doctors say that the main thing on any diet, including therapeutic, stick to the drinking regime. A day people, and especially the patient, should drink at least one and a half liters of purified mineral water. The rest of the drinks, which people often confuse with the desired liquid, the body perceives as food. It: juices, tea, coffee, broth, soups and so on. You need to drink it with water without additives or gas, only then the body gets the required amount of liquid.

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