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Therapeutic diet No. 10: permitted and prohibited products

Лечебная диета №10: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыThis technique power not created for weight loss and to maintain the health of the core and those people who have problems with the nervous system.

With diseases of the heart and blood vessels doctors increasingly began to address young and middle-aged people. And this despite the fact that earlier cores were from the elderly. Now the situation has changed dramatically and diseases of the cardiovascular system dramatically younger.

The reasons for such changes in medical statistics are: harmful habits, poor nutrition, lack of activities, poor environment, submission to the modern rules of life, which often lead to stress and depression. As if there was not, but doctors are confident that the problems with the health of the heart and blood vessels can be avoided. For this you can just sit on a therapeutic diet №10, it will serve as a preventive and mandatory tool in the treatment of particular ailments.

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These products can be used, following the rules of the diet №10:

– stale bakery products, app cookies, crackers;

– vegetarian entrees cooked exclusively on vegetables and greens;

– boiled lean meat;

– fish and seafood, oven baked, boiled or cooked in a double boiler;

– dairy products, milk with low fat content;

– all cereals and pasta made of coarse wheat varieties;

– boiled or baked vegetables;

– sweet fruits and berries;

– jam from any fruit and berries, and honey.

The list of allowed foods is quite wide, so to call it meager is extremely difficult. Eating food should be at least 5 times a day but in small portions. It is desirable that the daily caloric content of all dishes didn’t exceed 2800 calories or otherwise the diet will not be effective.

Following products diet number 10 can’t be eaten:

– fresh bread, pastries, pastries;

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– broths prepared with animal fat;

– bean;

– fatty meats, fish;

– salt cheese;

– savoury and salted fish;

– preservation of any — vegetable, fruit, fish, meat;

– marinated and pickled foods;

– tea, of natural and instant coffee and cocoa;

alcoholic beverages

– sausages, sausages, semi-finished products;

– smoked products.

As we can see the forbidden foods on the diet number 10 indicate that cores should reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates and reduce the overall calorie intake for the day. In General, if you stick to the lists of permitted and prohibited foods, then you can really help your body cope with the disease of the heart or blood vessels. By the way, healthy people doctors recommend that is also therapeutic to stick to this diet, especially if they are predisposed to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

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