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“THELMA”: horror glimmers in the body, in the mind of man (VIDEO)

The Russian premiere of paranormal Thriller “Thelma” is tomorrow, and today just three excerpts from the film. And one very intimate.

All of these scenes have already been glimpsed in the first trailer, but now we can watch them completely. Or wait until tomorrow and evaluate the whole story, without trying to collect it now from poured puzzles.

Recall what is there to do it:

Thelma enters the University and for the first time begins to live separately from their parents, devout Christians. The girl did not give in to temptations, do not drink or smoke, but some things can not resist — she’s attracted to another girl. Awakening feelings and desires suddenly unleash its frightening dark powers. When a friend of Thelma disappears, she realizes that this may be her fault…

I admit, the first two of a passage I overlooked in passing, in order not to spoil your impression before going to the cinema, but the third video watched, not looking up. Very good this scene in the Opera. Sensual, strong, scary. Here is what it says about her, the film’s Director Joachim Trier in an interview with the magazine “Session”:

I love it. The scene in the Opera I was trying to make the same tense as the scene on mount Rushmore Hitchcock. It seems that no one was shooting at the Opera house in Oslo. And it seemed to me that the audience in the theater is a beautiful metaphor for a society that suppresses, diminishes individuality. It’s the eternal struggle: you’re afraid to jump in, but I want to understand who you are, who and what you really love. In the space of the play can aggravate this dilemma. The heroine is a shame, she wants to blend in with the crowd and can’t. Telmo and doubly ashamed to admit that she likes girl — she’s from a very religious family.

By the way, Trier hitherto was known for independent dramas like “Oslo, 31 August” and “Louder than bombs”. Now the man decided to shift the direction. Why?

I took the Thriller, because I grew up on genre films. In childhood I watched all the films of Brian de Palma. I decided to try for the tradition of the Thriller, the suspense of Hitchcock, de Palma, Polanski. At the same time, we wanted to appeal to the modern subject and move supernatural to the human body, to learn what it means to lose control. As often happens in horror, existential horror resides in the body, in the mind of man.

Also Joachim Trier told that dearly loves the creativity of Andrei Tarkovsky. And I think it comes through in his writing. Even the motive of fear of their own desires he learned from “Stalker”.

So, “Thelma”, the candidate on “Oscar” from Norway, leaves in the Russian hire on November 23.

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