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“Theater of horror” will open in 2019

The company Cranked Up Films in cooperation with the streaming service Shudder has acquired rights for distribution of the anthology “Theater of nightmares”.

The film consists of five 20-minute short films shot by different Directors and prominent combined into one story:

A company of losers brought in an abandoned and creepy Rialto cinema, and now a strange ghostly figure Projectionist animates on the silver screen their darkest fears. The fate of all who attend these shows, is in the hands of a Ghost. But by the time until the visitors realize the truth, escape is not possible anymore. The tickets are broken, and now they will forever remain in the Theater of Nightmares.

The Creator of “Kaleidoscope of horror” Mick Garris directed the segment “the Dead man” (Dead) on his own script. Argentinian Alejandro Brugues (“zombie Fighter”) wrote and produced “Something in the woods” (The Thing in the Woods). Joe Dante (“Gremlins”) directed the short film “Mirai” (Mirai), the script for which was written by the famous genre writer Richard Christian Matheson (“Tales from the crypt”). Ryuhei Kitamura (“Midnight Express”) is responsible for the segment “Music” (Mashit) script Mexican women Sandra Becerril (“Santiago Apostol”). And finally David Slade (“Lollipop”) is directing “the Way out” (The Way to Egress) based on the story “Traumatic descent” (Descent Traumatic) another famous horrorday Lawrence Connolly, who also co-wrote the script for the short film.

As you can see, the guys are mostly steep and very steep. Except that Brugues clearly falls on the background of the famous Oldies, well let’s see first what he made, and how this fits with work colleagues. By the way, “the Theater of nightmares” I was pleased warmly received at film festivals: nothing big critics saw, but in General, they say, a pleasant time spent watching.

Well, let’s wait for the chance to make sure. Cranked Up Films will release the “Theater of nightmares” in 2019.

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