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The younger brother of Jennifer aniston lives on the street and meets up with a transvestite


48-year-old Jennifer aniston (Jennifer aniston) doesn’t like to talk about my family. The journalists ‘ questions about relatives, the actress prefers to answer in monosyllables, or not comment at all. Still, mom actress broke up many years ago, and her younger brother Alex lives on the street and is friends with the drag Queens.

28-year-old Alex went to College in California, but never graduated, leaving education. Textbooks Alex chose music festivals and punk culture. Rumor has it that he collects animal skulls, and star sister never talks with friends.

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Now Alex lives in Santa Cruz, where he was caught by the paparazzi in the company of a guy dressed as a girl. And if you believe the publishing Radar Online, Alex and his friend tranny — not just friends. “Alex has long moved their relationship with this man to a new level: they live together with friends, and when friends are unable to provide them with a place to sleep, Alex and his boyfriend just roaming the streets all night,” he told the tabloid, a source close to aniston’s half-brother.

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By the way, Alex has two children. Ex-girlfriend adriana Halleck bore him a son and a daughter. If you believe the Western media, the man saw the children only a few times.

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