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The young star, who failed to maintain popularity. Photo

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. ФотоThey had high hopes.

Thanks to the talent and charisma they have become idols of millions more in that age when their peers only decide “who to be”. It would seem, promised them a bright future and more than a dozen leading roles. But the fate of these young movie stars have turned out differently.

Shirley temple – “main girl” of Hollywood

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

This curly babe with a charming smile became a star in three years, and six to conquer the world and received the “Oscar”. About her raved Roosevelt, saying that movies with Shirley help people to escape from the great Depression. American girl of the thirties begged their moms to buy them the doll “Shirley temple”, the parents drove the children to the hairdresser to make it a Perm “like Shirley”.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Most Shirley were huge fees and personal Bungalow with a swing at the Studio “XX century Fox”. She starred in over 70 films. It seemed that Shirley secured to the end of his days. But father of little stars poorly invested her earnings, and by the time adulthood she was left with a small capital.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Bungalow Shirley at the Studio twentieth century Fox/

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Shirley tried to act in films and on, but as she turned into one of pretty and talented Actresses, has ceased to be “the one”. The films were not successful, and in 1950, Shirley temple, who was only 22 years old, announced that filming will be no more.

“Hollywood doll”, after leaving the movie, I became interested in politics. For several years, she even was the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

Brothers Torsuev – Elektronik and Syroezhkin

When the twins Yuri and Vladimir were 14 years, they could not safely walk down the street, following them shouted: “Look out, Electronics!”. Fans wrote on the walls of the entrance Declaration of love, and bullies, how to remember the brothers, wanted to test – is it true Elektronik as strong as in the movie.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Brothers Torsuev during the filming of the movie *the adventures of electronics.*

Their fees were not a thousandth part of the income of “Hollywood children”: during the filming of the brothers received a salary of 120 rubles per month. But the money seemed to them a tremendous incomes.

After graduation, the brothers entered the Printing Institute, but never finished even the first course. They are weaned at driving school, then was delivering bread from the bakery to the shops. Served in the army – also the drivers drove the generals.

In Moscow, the brothers even worked as a taxi driver, Vladimir “taksovat” three years, Yuri alternated shifts, working in “Emergency”. Evaluation of the film led Vladimir to the Studio “Trite” under the leadership of Nikita Mikhalkov. True, he held administrative positions. Torsuev many times dabbled in business – sometimes their projects were successful, sometimes the brothers were left with nothing.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Brothers Torsuev today.

In the two thousandth Yuri and Vladimir returned to the movies on both now about 15 movies, but yet as star roles in “Electronics” in their career not. They write and perform songs, perform at festivals. Now the brothers say they are happy with life and I hope it only gets better.

Edward Furlong – a boy from the movie “Terminator 2”

1991 brought the fourteen Furlong fame: he played John Connor in the Hollywood blockbuster the terminator. For this role he won several awards, he was named “discovery of the year”. A year later, his debut song “Hold On Tight” a few times on the tops Japanese music charts.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Edward Furlong and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stellar teenager dropped out of school but it seemed that now an education it is not very necessary. Career is gaining momentum – he has starred in not really cash, but well accept critics movies. In 1998 he published his second “iconic” movie: “American history X”.

At the beginning of the two thousandth was that once promising actor are less willing to take on the role. He had problems with drugs and alcohol, he has lost form, they can’t control themselves and even had been detained several times by police.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Edward Furlong in 2016

The role in the sequel to “Terminator” took another actor, and Furlong, never dropped their addictions, in 2013, was arrested on suspicion of rape. After that, the producers are almost completely ceased to work with him.

The thought of “You can not dream” – Michael Nikita

The film “You never dreamed of” some journalists call “cursed” none of the actors who played leading roles in it, did filmography. Nikita Michael, a gifted youth of sixteen, valued on the set, respected friends. Female fans wrote him letters bags. By the time of the filming of the movie he’s already made a career as a child model and “lit up” in the four pictures.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Michael Nikita “You can not dream”

He is well studied at the LGITMiK and with honors he finished. It seemed that barriers to career was not. But Nikita chose the underground culture of the official. He liked independent theater and performances, he has participated in projects directed by Boris Yukhananov. On the big screen he appeared only a few times in the films “Akseleratka”, “Miss millionaire” and others.

He was married twice and both wives still remember him with love. The character of Michael was called “the sun”, he did a lot of charity work, was fond of painting.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Nikita Mikhailovsky in London hospital with his wife.

Perhaps it was waiting for the return to the holder of the most famous Russian actors, but in 1990 the Mikhailovsky was discovered the leukemia. The money for the treatment I had to ask even Margaret Thatcher – and that helped. Twenty-seven, but the actor, despite the efforts of doctors, died in London.

“Kolya Gerasimov” – Alexey Fomkin

He auditioned for a role in the film “Scarecrow”, but the selection is not passed. He was soon invited to appear in “Yeralash” and the movie with big-eared boy saw the Director Arsenov, who sought by his role as Kolya Gerasimov in the film “guest from the future”. On-screen duet of “Alice” and “If” conquered the Soviet Union. Fomkina was invited to speak on television, he went on to appear in “Yeralash”.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Alexey Fomkin in the film “guest from the future”

But he started having the same problems that many child stars young actor stopped to pay enough attention to learning in school. School he finished with difficulty, even without certificate – with certificate. “Nick” went into the army. Several times during his service he was invited to star in a movie, but the Soviet system did not anticipate “leave from the army to shoot”.

On his return he settled was in the theater, but I could not stay there – affected by addiction to alcohol and drugs. He was fired for absenteeism and was on the street – there was no work on the yard were dashing nineties. The Fomkin tried to work on a construction site, but the painter of it did not happen.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Alexey Fomkin in the film “the Reason” (1986)

Trying to change your life, Fomkin left in the Vladimir region, in a remote village. There he began to lead a simple life and worked in the mill, engaged in farming, even wrote poetry. As he recalled his friends, he soon was fascinated by the esoteric, conducted strange rites.

Юные звезды, не сумевшие сохранить популярность. Фото

Alexey Fomkin wife

In February 1996, Alexei Fomkin, who was then only 26 years old, died in the fire, lit up the apartment of friends with whom he spent the night. On-screen “partner” Fomkina in the film “guest from the future” Natalia Guseva also remained “actress of one role.” But it was her personal choice.

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