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The Xiaomi smartphones will be a new useful feature

В смартфонах Xiaomi появится новая полезная функцияIn future Xiaomi devices will appear very useful feature.

This conclusion can be done after the Chinese company appeared in the list of wireless power Consortium — group of engineering firms, the purpose of which is to promote the Qi wireless charging standard. The Xiaomi does not advertise this event and do not give any official comment about joining this community. But the network has already begun to appear rumors about the future of the company.

Joining Xiaomi to the wireless power Consortium means that the company is interested in using this technology in their products. According to some, the first device from Chinese manufacturer that supports wireless charging will be the next flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi7.

Note that some of the latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 and X Plus support wireless charging distance up to 30 cm with the use of special equipment. It is possible that the owners of Xiaomi Mi7 can charge gadgets “on the air”.

After Xiaomi smartphones support wireless charging and other its products for smart homes.

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