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The worst breakfasts for children’s health

Худшие завтраки для здоровья детей It is important for children to eat properly.

The wrong Breakfast can not only spoil the child all day, but to contribute to obesity and increase the risk of developing chronic diseases.

To avoid this, read and learn what foods you should not give Breakfast to the child, and how to replace them.


It may surprise you, but the established classics as a cereal with milk or yoghurt – is not so healthy Breakfast, as we used to think. The fact that store-bought cereal contain large amounts of sugar, while fiber – only 3 grams of out of 100. After an hour and a half after this Breakfast, your child will want to eat. Replace this instant Breakfast, scrambled eggs with vegetables – it’s just as easy to prepare, but much more useful.

Raw fruits and vegetables

It is not recommended to eat raw vegetables and fruits on an empty stomach, especially as a standalone Breakfast. These acids can adversely affect the stomach. For gentle baby tummy is more suitable for steamed vegetables or light vegetable cream soups. Let the second option sounds a bit unusual for Breakfast, but soup is easy to digest and does not cause gas formation throughout the day.

Sandwiches and pastries

Sandwiches – fast and easy snack that parents often treated their children. However, he’s not the most useful: the fast carbohydrates contained in the bread, increase the sugar level in the blood and cause the pancreas to dump the body a large amount of insulin. Excess insulin, in turn, contributes to obesity. And pastries hot food causes excessive flatulence. If your kid can’t start your morning without something sweet, replace the baking useful bars made of dried fruit, honey and cereals.


Moreover, fruit acids irritate the stomach, so they also contain “light-sensitive” chemicals – psoralena and furocoumarins, which make the skin more vulnerable to sunlight. That is why experts strongly recommend avoiding daily use of citrus fresh juices, replacing them with herbal tea.

Milk drinks

Dairy products for Breakfast are not as harmful as useless. The fact that in the morning all of the most valuable bacteria get into the aggressive acidic environment and are killed in the stomach before reaching the intestines. If your child has a desire to eat in the morning yogurt, it is recommended to do it at least half an hour after Breakfast. Useful replacement kislomolochny is cranberry juice, which contains daily norm of vitamins C, A, E, K, and about a third of the daily requirement of b vitamins, as well as being a valuable source of potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

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