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“The worst book” in Biblio-Globus: as it happened (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

So, “the worst book” conquered one of the main bookstores of Moscow! However, novels and collections of series long can be found on the shelves of the “Biblio-globe” (usually they shared a shelf with a domestic fiction), but the last author presentation may change the situation, and the FCS will finally move close to the “associates” – king, Lovecraft, and Little other things.

But about all in sequence.

October 27, 2018 in the heart of the capital editor-in-chief of the Zone of Horror, the Creator and chief mastermind of a series of M. S. Parfenov and writer and the author of one of the personal collections of Dmitriy Tikhonov told the visitors “Biblio-Globus” about fear. About what we fear, what we’re looking for the horror books, what emotions and impressions hunt, when we buy “devil’s fingers” Tikhonov “Skeletons,” Kabir or “Zone of terror” Parfenov. Interested in these questions turned out to be quite a lot – at the beginning of the meeting met no more than 10 people, but after half an hour the small space on the first floor of the store filled by the new arrivals. Not gonna lie if I say that in the end, the presentation looked more than 50 visitors!

Introductory word took Michael Parfenov. He briefly told the history of the origin of ideas and the release of the first book of the series, not without difficulties appeared on the shelves in 2014. This topic is for the Creator of the SSK was very personal, and because he was double and even triple proud of the current state of the series in the book market. It’s no joke – it has already published 15 books, 3 preparing for the publication and General circulation here-here will reach the level of 60,000 copies.

Dmitry Tikhonov, in turn, described the first acquaintance with the dark genre, and then with the idea of domestic horror anthology, as well as to clarify interesting details about the impact of foreign horror trends in the literature on the perception of Russian readers. Indeed, Russian horror literally “rose from the dead”, but now it is rapidly gaining momentum and invariably pleases the loyal fans. And to participate in its creation can be anyone – it is enough to send your story for consideration in one of the yearbooks SSK. If the target group recruited from the same fans, this story will appeal, then nothing will prevent you to make a personal contribution to “the worst book”.

Then followed questions from the audience and there were many. Readers asked, but when will SSK-2019 (unfortunately, to get to the event, she did not have time), I remember several authors who would not hurt private collections in the series, speculate about the development of the book of horror in General and found out an interesting exclusive details on future projects. Including about the upcoming artbook with the monsters of Lovecraft and of the first “worst comic”. The meeting ended with an autograph session where writers were eager to sign the treasured volumes for everyone, and some more and took pictures.

Really looking forward to new meetings on the most horrible Festival!

Video – exclusive memory:

Photo – Andrey Beginners, Maria Nikitina, Maria Sinenko:

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