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The worst BOOK 2019!

Well, guys run to the store!

There was another landmark for the Russian fans of horror event. Every year we follow the selection of a new anthology every year suffer from intrigues before the organizers will announce the names of authors already familiar to us, a Pro, or talented newbies, held together screenings. And finally closer to winter meet fresh that this unusual literary series, the compilers of which are, in fact, the readers themselves.

So, the “Most terrible book 2019” went on sale. You can buy it, for example, in the official store book24. The price tag pleases adequacy: 328 R.

Value for money we offer?


A series of “worst book” – the face of modern Russian-language literature of horrors. Already a well known face, poubelles thousands of readers.
Scary?.. Terribly interesting!
A collection of chilling stories. Gallery of nightmares from different eras and worlds. A unique project, admired by the highbrow critics and recognized masters.
Scary?.. More like scary!
Before you – the sixth such anthology, “the worst book 2019”. The main horror anthology in the country. The book miss that you are not eligible.
Because it’s really SCARY.

The composition of the new SSK is more than strong, so the words about the SCARED to believe in.


And finally, about Stephen king (Foreword, Parfenov M. S.)
Mr. Elefant (Anatoly Umansky)
The Seed (Alexander Matyukhin)
Calling the darkness (Ivan Belov)
Sculpted (Vadim Gromov)
My other half (Oksana Vetrovska)
Scarecrow-myauchelo (Elena Schetinina)
There is no place on earth (Larisa Lvova, Yaroslav zemlyanuhin)
The call of the tall grass (Alan KranK)
Crawling (Maxim.)
In the house (Xenia Korznikova)
Vankina love (Ivan Belov)
Whisper Creek (Alexander Matyukhin)
The Gingerbread Man (Julia Sinonasal)
Purple rag (Michael Zakariasen)
A little love (Elena Schetinina)
The Sound (Yuri Lanthanum)
Emptiness (Alexander Matyuhin Aleksandr Podolskiy)
Transaction (Maria Antilophia)
Hooligan (Stanislav Minin)

Also available introductory fragment of the book and detailed review of Felix Kryventsov.

The horrors of our town: a review of “the worst book 2019”

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