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“The worst book 2018”: exclusive announcement!

Yesterday on the website of the series “The scariest book” published the official results of the selection to the next, already the fifth Yearbook. This project began as “folk” anthology “the worst book of 2014,” which became very successful and eventually spawned a whole book series. Why popular? Yes, because the stories are selected by an open vote of the same fans of the genre, as we all do.

This year the competition was higher than ever. 16 seats in a future book claimed nearly 350 stories. Members of the library target group defeated the entire array of texts and chose the best. According to the selection rules, the organizers of the project, the editor of the publishing house “Astrel-SPb” Irina Epifanova and compiler series Parfenov M. S. (part – time- editor-in-chief of memory) could replace a few of the number who received a passing score on those that were just below in the final list. In the end, it only took one swap. Thus the winners of the selection, which can be read in “the Most terrible book 2018”, were the following stories:

  • “Big game” (Vadim Gromov)
  • “Permafrost” (Yuri Lantana)
  • “Grand Guignol” (Anatoly Umansky)
  • “Voice pipes” (Alexander Matyuhin Aleksandr Podolskiy)
  • “Sin” (Maxim Kabir)
  • “Shivers” (Dmitry Kostyukevich)
  • “The star ocean” (Alex sparks)
  • “The law of equivalent exchange” (Oksana Vetrovska)
  • “The Menagerie” (Xenia Korznikova)
  • “Bell (Woe be unto this house)” (Vladimir Kuznetsov)
  • “The ship is alive” (Dmitri Tikhonov)
  • “Lazarus” (Alan KranK)
  • “On – island” (Olga Reyn)
  • “Next to you” (Ivan Belov)
  • “Dad’s coming” (Alexander Matyukhin)
  • “YAG mort” (Cyril Maleev)

They added the trio of winners of the friendly competition from a webzine DARKER – “Baker’s dozen”. Namely short stories: “s” Olga Reyn, “Dudochkina” Bogdan Gontar and “Big and small” author, under the pseudonym Old women Klapalek.

Not to mention that this year through a rigorous selection process broke the record number of newcomers earlier in the series unpublished. Domestic horror grows talent. Although regular readers of “the scariest books” you’ll see in the book and a lot of familiar names.

Zone Horror to get hold of a few exclusive comments, which I want to share. Want to learn about the book a little more before it goes to print? Wellcome!

Irina Epifanova, editor:

I read the stories, not in alphabetical order, and piecemeal, so the first three stories almost drove me into depression: one was historical and about the North, the other is about the North, the third just historical (particularly about the Civil war and about the atrocities of the Reds, for the dominance which some criticized last year’s collection). But upon further examination it turned out that it’s not so bad, and though historical horror again many (slightly less than half of the collection), it seemed more diverse. As of the topic. Pleased with the abundance of new names, not that I was annoyed cohort of regular contributors, but fresh blood is always good.
The only thing I each time is a little lacking is the stories at the intersection of horror and dark fantasy. Like “Bone” Alexey Provotorov, who at one time graced the collection of “13 witches”, or like “Dedushkiny” Bogdan Gontar, won a prize at “devil’s dozen” and the “ССК18”. In fact, there is only one story in this genre is. Secretly think: that’s a good idea to have at least a small part otherwiseyou switched to this genre. But it is certainly not a call to action, and so the dream))

Dmitry Kostyukevich, the author of the story “Tremors”:

The action of the story takes place in the scenery of the Tashkent earthquake 1966. Big hashar, new town, erected on the ruins of the forces of the entire Union. Yes, Yes, again, historical horror, but I hope it will also appeal to those who are fed up. This is a story about love, friendship, and overcoming fear; history shows the eyes of four heroes and… inhuman eyes. First, the strongest quake was released the unknown creatures that took the time to look at the light “neighbors”. Reading the memories of witnesses, imbued with the atmosphere of the time, the clang of the tracks and the scent of samosas and pilaf… wrote half of the story more than a year ago, but left for a while – is back after last year’s “Devil’s dozen”, added, sent on selection. Next – history.

Vadim Gromov, the author of the story “the Big game”:

As sometimes, behind the wheel of our destiny sits His Majesty the Case. “The great game” was written for a contest of body-horror film “Embryo” (quasar), but when I’m somewhere in the middle of the stalled third story for SSK, and time inevitably galloped to the deadline, I decided to leave the Embryo without the “Big game.” I hope admin will forgive me…
The story was written in a hurry and was ready two hours before the last line… Can you please readers that “the Big game” will edit that adds blood and fear 🙂 And the story is about a very unusual instant lottery (which will last for three days), dark forces, and… pain. VERY SEVERE PAIN.

Yuri Lanthanum, the author of the story “permafrost”:

In the selection for SSK participated for the first time. Before eye was watching the contest, but to join is not solved, and this year I thought: well, time for me to write something 🙂 a story in draft form for a long time was “at the table”, and before the selection I brought him in divine form, and the second — “permafrost” — I wrote specifically for the selection and finished the day before the competition. The work went quickly, “the drive”. I hope this adrenaline transmitted text.
The story was born out of sketch ideas that I did a couple of years ago. “Doctors in the far North encountered something weird” — here in this form I recorded the idea in a notebook, and happily forgot about it, until one day I came across one article in press. I read that the melting of permafrost on the Yamal Peninsula was the cause of the release of anthrax from livestock. And then I thought: what if from frozen soil will break something even more dangerous, than to have to face the doctors? Next spoiler will not 🙂
The thrill of the competition were only positive. I liked the principle of selection. One thing to please (or not please) the tastes of one or two people, very different — like the dozens of discerning horror fans in the target group. Very cool that readers write reviews of the texts in the selection process. To watch them was fascinating and exciting. Several stories intrigued at the stage of reviews, and I’m glad they were in the book. Thanks to the organizers and the target group for the opportunity to join the series of SSK 🙂

“The worst book 2018” needs to go on sale later this year. The exact date we will let you know how we will closely monitor all stages of the process: as available put the official resume, the cover of the collection, and the illustrations (they probably will). In General, stay connected – and you don’t miss anything.

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