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The world’s most expensive breed of dog. Photo

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото A purebred dog is not cheap.

Some breeds of dogs can be very expensive. To some extent this depends on the breed, local supply and demand and other factors, but there are some General criteria that affect the cost of a quadruped. Here are the 10 most expensive dog breeds, which are not affordable to most animal lovers.

10. The Irish wolfhound

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

This gigantic “candy” may look like the werewolf from Harry Potter, although in fact the Irish wolfhound is a very sweet dog with a quiet nature tykes and a very ancient history (7000 years BC). Huge size dog with cute face is ideal for the protection of domestic territory, if not for one thing… puppy Cost around $ 2000.

9. Landseer

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

Dogs of this species in Newfoundland are very gentle, plus they are excellent swimmers, which is not dripping saliva from the mouth (which is characteristic of certain breeds of large dogs). Landseer is considered to be fast, tireless and legkoobratimy breed’s coat is easy to care for. Well, these puppies are no less than 2000$ apiece.

8. Norfolk Terrier

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

These tiny dogs are absolutely fearless and sometimes very stubborn. But they can not be called aggressive. In fact, they are just trying to show their importance by using the bark like most small breeds of dogs. These puppies are happy, confident and dashing dogs cost about 2000$. But if you are in need of the perfect little four-legged friend, the high price shouldn’t scare you.

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7. Black Russian Terrier

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

This gentle giant known as the black Russian Terrier is a gifted, obedient, clever dog who knows how to perfectly protect the master and territory. And although he looks like a typical Scottish Terrier, potential it is much more than many may think. In addition, the black Russian Terrier is great with children and looks gorgeous, which explains the average cost of a puppy is$2,000.

6. French bulldog

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

French bulldog — dog-dream to the landlord of appropriate dimensions. This, at first glance, imposing (some might say lazy) breed is quite playful and easy to train. Like any small, but strong dog, it can be a little stubborn. However, the sum of all its positive qualities is estimated at 2050$ per puppy.

5. American bulldog

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

In fact the Olde English bulldogge is not the same as the old English bulldog. This American version is newly created in the 1970s, a breed that is very similar to his cousin, was officially registered only in 2104. Perhaps this is why old English bulldog puppies worth at least 2150$.

4. The Berger Picard

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

Although the Berger Picard may look like a ragged dog, the price tag on her puppies not becomes lower, and to date is 2250$. By the way, this is very smart, playful and seemingly unassuming dog has pretty picky taste.

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3. The Portuguese water dog

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

At first glance, the Portuguese water dog seems to be alarmingly high. But in fact it is very affectionate, cheerful and energetic dog, known for his courage and intelligence, who has repeatedly shown great results in many sports and intelligence competitions and bother top awards in the categories of “agility” and “obedience”. Agree, such talent can not be cheap. So you will have to pay about$ 2,500 for a puppy.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

Despite the price,$ 3,000 of this ancient breed is not a true Mastiff. It was bred specifically to work in the special conditions of wildlife. Courageous and loyal, the Tibetan Mastiff will protect you even from the bear, if you happen to bump into him in the woods. This dog is not recommended to keep the apartment or house with a small plot as for its full development we need a lot more space.

1. The Dogo Argentino

Самые дорогие  в мире породы собак. Фото

This large muscular fighting dog with short white hair, like a pit bull, is banned in many countries. However, in Argentina the species is considered hunting (especially wild boars). The Dogo Argentino good with children and other animals if raised with people from puppyhood. Some Argentine dogs are spotted, but this color is considered a disadvantage, so Sika puppy you are likely to get a discount. White will cost you$4,000.

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