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The world’s first city built on the water. Photo

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото Its construction will begin soon.

Close to the shores of the island of Tahiti in the Pacific ocean after 2 years is planned to build the world’s first floating city that will be equipped with all necessary. If you like the plan seems too ambitious, I advise you to read the draft of this post.

The government of French Polynesia signed a contract with the Institute Silaging in California (Seasteading Institute), which provides for the beginning of construction of the city over the next two years.

This plan might seem ambitious, but its developers believe that part of the independent city can be the perfect place for new management and farming practices.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

Over the past 5 years the specialists of the Institute Sustaining along with Paypal founder Peter Thiel has developed the innovative design of the permanent floating settlements.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

This project, according to developers, will start implementation of the “eight moral duties” to enrich the poor, heal the sick, feed the hungry, to clear the atmosphere, to live in harmony with nature, stop war, to supply the world with energy and to build floating settlements. French Polynesia includes 118 Islands in the South Pacific ocean. The government of this community interested in this project, as the rising water level threatens the disappearance of Islands.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

The contract States two main points that the organizers must fulfill to be allowed construction: 1) project should have a positive impact on the local economy, 2) floating city should not harm the environment. In addition, the project must be approved by and France, which belongs to the territory of French Polynesia. Executive Director of the Institute, Randolph Henken (Randolph Hencken) reported that for the construction of a floating city to look for shallow water, as this needs much less resources and from a technological point of view, it is easier to make. In addition, the organizers chose French Polynesia as local government is concerned the project and agree to cooperate.

Floating city will be equipped with farms, medical centers and research laboratories and power stations to produce energy in an environmentally friendly way.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

The whole city will be a network of 11 rectangular and 5 of the five-sided platforms. This design will allow you to rearrange parts of the city according to the requirements of the inhabitants. Each platform is 50 meters in length, and all the buildings and inhabitants will be protected by 50-meter sidewalls.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

All platforms will be made of reinforced cement, capable for at least 100 years to withstand a 3-storey building with apartments, terraces, offices and hotels.

Provided that, in the new floating city will house between 250 and 300 people. In the floating city will stay mostly marine biologists, marine engineers, experts in aquaculture (breeding in special ponds, important plants and animals), attorneys at law, physicians, researchers, security guards, investors, experts on the environment, and artists from around the world.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

Initially, the city wanted to place in international waters, thereby creating a new state, but for future residents it will be much easier if the city will be located close to the shores of another country, as they will be able, if necessary, to visit the land and buy the right products.

In addition, during storms, people will be more protected on the ground and in the nearest country they will have legal protection. According to employees of the Institute, residents of the floating city will be able to choose a government that is more suited to them instead to remain under the influence of undesirable government. For example, if you have multiple floating cities, each with its own government, people can move their platforms in the city that they like. This means that the governments of all cities will try to do as much as possible to attract more residents.

Первый в мире город, построенный на воде. Фото

The construction of each platform is estimated at $ 15 million, and the cost of the city $ 167 million. By 2050, the Institute plans to have in the world a few dozen platforms, and later several hundreds of interconnected platforms that can accommodate tens of millions of people living in idyllic cities.

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