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The world sits in the trenches of the great war in the middle East

Мир садится в окопы большой войны на Ближнем Востоке

The whole world watched in horror as the already troubled middle East after the killing of January 3, the Americans of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, step by step closer to the edge of doom, which is a military disaster. The opposing sides vigorously preparing for full-scale armed clash, which now seems absolutely inevitable.

Major General Ismail Qaani, appointed commander of the “Forces of al-Quds” Islamic revolutionary guard corps, instead of Soleimani, said on Friday: “We tell everyone: a little patience, and you will see the corpses of Americans in all corners of the Middle East”.

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei promised that “brutal retribution awaits the killers with their sinful hands is the blood of Soleimani and other martyrs from the incident last night”. The government of Persia in the person of President Hassan Rouhani reported on the preparation of “revenge”. And foreign Minister Javad Zarif called responsible for “act of international terrorism” the United States. Official press service of the legislative body of Iran outlawed all Americans, wherever they were. The country declared three days of mourning.

In response, President Donald trump ordered to take “decisive defensive action” to protect U.S. personnel abroad. According to the information of TV channels like ABC News and NBC News, the order to prepare for the urgent transfer closer to Iran received the 82nd airborne division. At first the region will be shipped 3.5 thousand of its soldiers and officers. This is in addition to the 35 thousand American troops that have long serve there (13.5 thousand in Kuwait, 8 thousand — in Qatar, 9 thousand — in Saudi Arabia 4 — Bahrain).

It is possible that they may be at risk of retaliation from Iran. First of all, unmanned aerial vehicles and modern ballistic missile with a range of over 300 kilometers. Such, according to experts, Tehran about five hundred.

Not less troubles the world faces a so-called “tanker war” that could again erupt in the Persian Gulf. If this happens, then surely in large-scale fighting will be involved, and other States. Including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

Such a development is likely. According to the Agency Bloomberg, Tehran will be forced to simply answer the States is extremely hard. Primarily for reasons of domestic politics. According to Paul Pillar, a former CIA officer, “many Iranians would react to this development in the same way as Americans would have reacted, say, to the murder of one of the most famous and most respected American military leaders. The potential for escalation has suddenly increased.”

That US, probably, has long led the hunt for the General Soleimani, “Free press” wrote two years ago. I must say, this decision was given to the Americans is not easy, given the significance of the General, for the Persians — the national hero of the Iran-Iraq war. However, it is suppressed Soleimani Iranian “Maidan”, with the explicit approval and support of the United States broke out in many cities of Iran at the end of 2017. Even then, the newspaper “Kuwait al-Jarida” published the news that America gave the “green light” to Israel for the murder of the commander of the “al-Quds”.

According to the article “Kuwait al-Jarida”, 44th President of the United States Obama previously forbade Israel elimination Soleimani, because such a step is fraught with tragic consequences, for Americans and for Jews around the world. In addition, the General was a key figure in ensuring the so-called nuclear deal. The one that strongly and very rash, “buried” trump.

After the change of power in the White house against the commander of “al-Quds” has changed dramatically. And — so that the joint us-Israel report, which allegedly fell into the hands of Kuwaiti journalists, said bluntly: “Murder Soleimani will serve the interests of both countries”.

However, Israel has not decided on the elimination of Soleimani. The dirty work done by trump who, allegedly, just revenge thus for the death of an American citizen, performing contract work in Iraq. He was killed a week ago as a result of the Iranian rocket attack on Iraqi military base in Kirkuk. After that, the Pentagon attacked the Shiite militia in Baghdad — the one that bravely and effectively fought with ISIS. In fact — hit on situational ally in this fight. Further, as is known, was the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Trump those of the Baghdad event, reacted on Twitter with the words: “They paid a very great price! It’s not a warning, a threat. Happy New year!”.

Bloody greetings, which seem to be in the future will result in the death of ordinary citizens of the United States, have frightened many American politicians. Of course, the first to react opponent of trump’s for the upcoming presidential elections Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate. “No American will mourn the death of Soleimani, he said. But trump has claimed responsibility for the security of Americans.”

Bernie Sanders, one of the most influential overseas politicians, warned the star-spangled public that “the United States embarked on the path of another endless war.”

On the other hand, the death of Soleimani is able to exert a destabilizing influence in Iran. As the opposition, and powerful enough, no doubt, will take advantage of the loss of such intelligent and influential supporter of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even though they say that nobody is indispensable, but to find other equally authoritative in General the people of Tehran will not be able.

Therefore, it is logical to expect a sharp aggravation of the political situation in Persia and the bloody civil war in it. But — what is much worse for us! also the General chaos in Syria. Beheaded Shiite militia in Syria is now unlikely to be able as effectively to help the weak Assad’s troops. Therefore, again the head will raise was defeated with the active participation of Soleimani groups Islamic state and other Sunni paramilitary organization.

As events will develop and what, ultimately, will result in the death of Soleimani for Russia — time will tell. However, the Secretary of defense mark Esper, told reporters at the Pentagon that his troops are shifting from response to attack to their prediction. That means bumps in advance. In the case of escalation, the Americans are willing to bomb Tehran and other Iranian cities.

Of course — after that blaze and the Strait of Hormuz, through which are supplied to the external market about 18.5 million barrels of middle East oil and petroleum products. Approximately 20% of world production.

Thus, the interests of Russia to the tragic events in Iran hurt in any way. At least because whatever we have geopolitical “float” with the Iranians (on which the official media in Moscow prefer to gloss over), the Shiite militia always acted as the strongest ally of Russian troops in Syria. If Persia will start a “color revolution”, the organization which trump has already allocated $ 1 billion, troops, “al-Quds” is likely to return from Syria to their home countries to defend the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Then the whole burden of the war in Syria will fall solely on the shoulders of our soldiers.

Thus, the death of General Qassem Soleimani on the political and military consequences may remain in world history next to the famous assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who turned the trigger hook of the First World war. In light of the growing terrible events in the middle East from the first day of 2020 that does not seem an exaggeration.


According to us media reports, after the assassination of the Iranian General Soleimani in the top Twitter behind the hashtag #WWIII — “Third world war”. In social networks actively discussing this hashtag, noting that “afraid to Wake up in a world where the sky is to spread fear and terror”.

Amid speculation about a new war in the U.S. the website of conscription. Call in the U.S. army not in use since 1973, however, some categories of citizens may be called upon by Congress and the President. Probably, the website has brought down those who tried to find out: do I need to start preparing for war?

And in Libya by Marshal Haftara already declared a General mobilization and Jihad. However, not because of the events in Tehran, and in connection with the decision taken on 2 January by the decision of the Turkish Parliament about sending Turkish troops to this long-destroyed by the Americans and their allies in the country.

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