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The world of the future through the eyes of scientists. Photo

Мир будущего глазами ученых. ФотоThe future of the largest cities in the world.

A project of Ecotopia-2121 created under the influence of Thomas Moore’s “Utopia,” recently celebrated its five hundredth anniversary. The word “utopia” derived from the Greek ou—topos, which means “nowhere”, became a symbol of the unattainable ideal. Scientist and writer Alan Marshall, the project predicted the future of a hundred cities from around the world.

Taking into account the forecast that by the end of the 21st century about 80% of the population will live in cities, it goes without saying that these cities can survive only if put concern for the environment in first place among its priorities. Each city has its own heritage and culture, making scenarios of their development is deeply personal.

We present you six cities of the future project of Ecotopia-2121, one from each inhabited continent.
Accra 2121

Accra, capital of Ghana, each year is exposed to destructive floods. Under the influence of climate change, uncontrolled construction and storage of waste, the situation becomes even worse. In our imagined future people will build houses in the trees above the level of flooding from scrap materials. Currently in Ghana the critical level of deforestation, but in the future residents will protect their homes from mesogobius and oil companies and the forest will gradually recover.

Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

London 2121

In the summer of the year 2121, in a period of economic decline, a hundred thousand seniors along with their grandchildren take to the streets of London in protest against cuts in pensions and subsidies for education, blocking the entire city. By the end of summer, desperate to wait for a response from the government, the pensioners will take the matter into their own hands. They’re going to turn Central London into an ecological village to occupy vacant offices, will sow the squares and street corners, and will manufacture environmentally friendly products. Their grandchildren, being close, will receive free education in the field of horticulture.

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Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

Los Angeles 2121

Earlier this southern California city has an extensive network of tram tracks, but car manufacturers conspired to systematically bought and closed them. When the end of the century the world’s oil reserves will be depleted, the machine will become useless and trams will be able to return to the streets of Los Angeles. An unused highway will be transformed into a flowering Avenue. These paths for pedestrians and cyclists, will also serve as ecological corridors, linking Islands of green between them. More junk cars can become building material, creating a special architectural style. People will live in a closely related small communities, and the city will no longer crawl in breadth, seizing new territory.

Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

Rekohu 2121

Known in the Western world as the Chatham Islands, Rekohu is an archipelago in the Pacific ocean, to the South-East of New Zealand. It is the birthplace of the Maori people, five hundred years bore in your hair the feathers of the Albatross as a sign of peace. In the nineteenth century the archipelago was discovered by British sailors and soldiers of the Maori people of New Zealand. The sailors killed many wild animals and brought deadly diseases to which Maori had no immunity. Then the Maori established their power on the island, destroying or taking into slavery the remaining Maori. However, they did not abandon their peaceful ideas, and to 2121 year, their smallest capital city in the lagoon will be home to the “school of peace” that carries the idea of pacifism to the world.

Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

Salto del Guaira 2121

The guaíra falls along the border of Paraguay and Brazil, was a true miracle of nature. A loud roar of his seven cascades was heard for many miles and many years, the waterfall attracted tourists that feed the economy of Paraguay and the nearby city of Salto del Guaira. In 1982, the Brazilian government blew up the rocks that flowed down the waterfall, in order to create a reservoir for hydroelectric. Many Paraguayans mourned over his beloved waterfall. However, 2121 year, the dam will collapse, and the locals will again become owners of their land. They will restore the waterfall, and turn your house into a beautiful eco-city, is again attracting tourists from around the world.

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Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

Tokyo, 2121

After the explosion of a nuclear reactor on the outskirts of Tokyo wide radioactive cloud will envelop the city. All residents will be evacuated, with the exception of the most resistant, remaining to live in protected from radiation-houses bunkers. All that these people eat and drink should be produced and recycled inside their homes. Going outside, they are forced to wear protective suits or “the suits”. But the sudden depopulation has its bright side – Tokyo ceased to be a bustling metropolis, causing stress to its residents. Reborn and wildlife, albeit in mutated form.

Мир будущего глазами ученых. Фото

What is the project Ecotopia-2121?

The above-described six scenarios is only a small part of the hundreds of cities of the future, designed by Alan Marshall. Someone will appreciate these prospects, and someone can probably come as a shock. Partly the essence of utopian scenarios is that they are provocative. If you like to imagine your future with self-driving cars and the power of nuclear energy, then these scenarios, perhaps not for you. In any case you would consider them a waste of time. However, this is no idle fiction; the study of utopias is an active response for technological plans of mankind, occurs annually in large quantities. These fantasies allow us to think about how we ought to live on this planet to his activities to cause her as little harm as possible.

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