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The world-famous artifact was a fake

Всемирно известный артефакт оказался подделкой The age of the manuscripts was less than expected.

Washington Bible Museum recently removed from his collection of five previously considered very valuable items because it was allegedly the oldest artifacts “Qumran manuscripts”. However, the German researchers of antiquity recognized them as fakes.

The scandal took place just before the opening of the Museum, funded by the Evangelist billionaire. Note that the Museum contains much more fragments “Qumran manuscripts” sixteen, fake recognized until five, but relative to the rest of the artifacts from German scientists, too, have doubts.

Recall that the “Qumran manuscripts,” or, as they are called, “Dead sea Scrolls”, have become finding since 1947 in the caves of the Judean desert. They contain various ancient Apocrypha, for example, the texts of the Torah, referring to the era of the so-called Second temple. Written all these artifacts on parchment, the antiquity of which is easily determined using radiocarbon Dating.

However, given that such manuscripts are valued today in the millions of dollars and want to buy them a lot not only among national museums but also private collections of millionaires, the scammers use the pieces of skin just that distant period, causing them fresh inscriptions in ancient Hebrew or Aramaic language.

In a world of many specialists familiar with these languages, so scientists believe that in private collections is now a lot of fakes, because in this case a thorough analysis and verification artifacts from the world’s best experts are often not carried out.

Currently, the German specialists started a thorough study of the remaining fragments of the “Qumran scrolls”, which are not excluded, can also be fakes, only more subtle…

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