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The word doctors

Слово — врачам

Russia is spiraling out of quarantine measures, removed the last restrictions. The regions had a kind of competition, who in this uplifting activities will succeed. The country is preparing for the June 24 parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory and the vote of July 1, the amendments to the Constitution. We were promised the withdrawal of restrictive measures after the situation with the pandemic change. And since the pandemic, according to the authorities, remains in the past, the situation is improving, then it’s time to hold the parade and voting.

Meanwhile, we can all see what is happening in Russia remains extremely high infection rate of 8-9 thousand people a day now for nearly a month (!). And on this indicator Russia has long been among the countries-leaders. What does it mean? — In the whole country, the situation is not getting better, and constraints in a hurry are removed. The improvement, according to official information, there are in the same Moscow, but not in the whole country.

But, maybe, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists will speak on this? This is normal? Normally in this mode to remove the restrictions at the present level of contamination?

Remember when the epidemic was just beginning in our country, at the end of March there was a report on the First channel. The liner material was what is called “breathy,” and I thought, “could the vaccine”. It turned out that the specialists from the Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) has invented a device by which one apparatus for artificial lung ventilation can be used at once for four patients. Reported to the head of the FMBA Vladimir Skvortsov.

The very next day a group of doctors issued a statement in which they convincingly proved the inadequacy of this idea. The statement was published by the Federation of anaesthesiologists and reanimatologists. Experts in the field of critical medicine clearly stated: “it is Better to take from the warehouse to the machines of previous generations, check them out and use the least severe patients than “to give vent”.

What? — And nothing, nothing about this invention more was not heard.

What I mean is that when the medical experts say, it is impossible not to listen.

And remember the words of our legendary doctor Leonid Roshal, who as recently as may recalled last year’s closed-door meeting on the basis of the team of medical care in the Russian regions during mass receipt of the victims. So today, as he said himself Leonid Roshal, he “bite their elbows”, “why not yell at the whole country,” and “why conducted behind closed doors” the meeting, which frankly was mentioned ills of Russian health care.

So maybe the doctors, to then “was not excruciatingly painful,” will speak about whether the authorities are doing, eliminating the limitations in this mode?

I repeat: whatever the motives of the authorities when making decisions on actions in the conditions of a pandemic, it will be impossible not to listen to opinion of professionals.


Perhaps all these fears were groundless? Maybe that’s how it’s done? In this case, the opinion of experts is very important.

We understand that the price of those decisions in people’s lives.

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