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The woman showed evidence of his time travel

Женщина показала доказательства своего путешествия во времени A resident of Finland demonstrated the plant of the future.

The video with another man, allegedly traveled through time, appeared on a video hosting “YouTube”.

This time we are talking about a middle-aged woman who claimed to have been in a 6,000 year and even managed to pick out a fragment of bizarre plants called Rokarola. Actually, if you believe the unusual character of the movie, this flower grew on the Earth millions of years ago, but in the future, scientists will be able to recreate it by genetic engineering.

The woman says her name is Chloe, and she lives in Finland. In her youth she, say, worked in a secret government lab where scientists were trying to invent technology moving into the future. In 1966 it supposedly came from them, and our heroine volunteered to travel 6,000 a year.

There is, in the words of Chloe, turned out to be an infinitely tall skyscrapers, flying cars and, surprisingly, an awful lot of vegetation. Trees, shrubs, grass and flowers were planted every square inch of land unused by humans. Thus, humanity not only survived, but have learned to live in harmony with nature, while continuing to evolve in terms of technology.

Fink says that because of global climate change, humanity will find itself at a certain point on the verge of extinction. The temperature in some parts of the Earth will reach 70 degrees Celsius! Only then will our distant descendants will forever abandon fossil energy and will plant the whole planet with plants. After a few decades after that, our “blue ball”, they say, will turn into a real Paradise.

Believe it or not this fantastic video, it’s yours. On the one hand, it is very similar to the fake, but here’s what’s interesting: time travel is practically proven, not only numerous written and oral testimonies of eyewitnesses to such events, though most often casual and spontaneous, for example, described by police but confirmed by scientists. However, most people somehow continues to surprise, round eyes: can’t be!..

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