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The winter deficiency: the main symptoms and methods of treatment

Авитаминоз зимой: главные признаки и способы леченияExperts have called 6 vitamins in the cold season.

The lack of vitamins significantly affects the appearance and health of the person. As fresh vegetables and fruits in the winter are difficult to find, there is a lack of vitamins. The body tries of any food to get the necessary material to him, and the person begins to overeat.

Experts told, what our body is lacking in the winter.

Nutritionists have called six vitamins, essential in the cold season.

1. Vitamin A. This vitamin supports vision and has anti-inflammatory properties, due to which increases the body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria. A sufficient amount of vitamin A provides a boost of the immune system, normalizes the General condition of the person and gives him the opportunity to remain active. Nutritionists recommend eating tomatoes, apricots, buckwheat, meat, dairy products and eggs. These products will help improve skin condition and protect the liver. A lack of vitamin A, according to experts, will indicate the insomnia, cramps and spasms in the muscles.

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2. Vitamin C. This vitamin is considered a traditional immunostimulant. In case of deficit a person develops drowsiness, the loss of strength and immunity. There is a constant feeling of tiredness, lethargy, depression, joint pain and even bleeding gums. To compensate for the deficiency of this vitamin can eating black currants, cabbage, rosehips and lemon.

3. Vitamin D. Without this vitamin impaired absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestines. He is also responsible for strong bones and teeth. According to experts, in the cold season, people are especially in need of this, since solar days are much less than in summer. Experts recommend supplementing your diet with fatty fish, eggs, butter, vegetable oils, seafood and dairy products.

4. Vitamin E. The beauty vitamin, scientifically called vitamin E the body needs to fight stress. It contributes to the saturation of oxygen to the brain and provides a clear mind and nerves of steel. Experts believe that in large quantities it is broccoli, eggs, carrots, spinach and liver.

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5. The b group vitamins. B vitamins help normalize metabolism, help to bring the nervous system in order and help to avoid depression. Very important group has for the nervous system, they prevent the violations in its work and protect the body from premature aging. To recognize the lack of these vitamins can be deteriorating skin condition, slezotechenii eyes, cracks on the lips. For adjustment it is recommended to consume buckwheat, peas, nuts, beets, and liver.

6. Vitamin P. Vitamin e considered an antioxidant. It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation and protect heart. Vitamin e is found in cabbage, rose hips and grapes.

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