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The winners of the National award Teletriumph 2016

Названы победители Национальной премии Телетриумф 2016The annual national television award triumph 2016 took place on 8 December in Kiev.

In the capital’s FREEDOM concert hall Event Hall was held the awarding ceremony of National television award triumph in 2016.

This year the award was filed 307 applications, and in the finals of 167 nominees. Leading the evening was Masha Yefrosinina and Vladimir Zelensky.

News / news and comment program
TSN. Week

Leading / leading news / news and comment programs
Alla Mazur, TSN. Week

The program of journalistic investigations

Michael Weaver, Circuit


The television design (ID) channel
Square 25 years

Essential promotional / promotional campaign
My country. Great I square

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TV program design
Triumph 2014-2015″ (the TV version ceremon nagarajuna)


Infotainment program
Orel I Reshka

Operator / Director of television programs
Shevchishin Oleg/ Avow Oleg Orel I Reshka

Program for children
TSE TSE of the I our your. Ochima ditey

Producer (producer group) of the television program
Viktoriya LSN, Volodymyr Zawaduk, Gunn, Aksyutenko, Ruslan Kvinta, the voice of the country 6″

Director / Director (directing group) TV program
Antonina, Chornoochenko, Bachelor
Sinelnikov Wheni, Andrushchenko Yaroslav, Orel I Reshka
Jan Fedosenko From Tomboy to lady

Screenwriter (scenario group) of the television program
Symanchuk Sergius, Yusupova TASA, Avramenko Yuliya, Storozhuk Maxim, eagle and Tails


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Leading / leading entertainment
Dmytro Komarov, Svit neweport

Humorous program
Diesel Show

Music program / film
Verbazende. National vdbr

Formatted reality show

The other aspect of the entertainment program
The voice 6

The new format of the Ukrainian television program
Laugh comedian. children


Anchorman / anchorwoman of the talk show
Sergey Pritula Passion for Auditor

Public and social talk show
Ukraine Says

Special prize in nomination discovery of the year received the draft Kinokraïna.

By the way, the nomination of a Political talk show and a Telenovela at this time were cancelled due to insufficient number of nominees.

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