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The winners of the competition a 15 second horror – I look and get scared!

Recently completed the third annual competition of short horror films 15 Second Horror Film Challenge. It was attended by more than 80 filmmakers and the jury noted the famous Lloyd Kaufman, founding father of Troma studios. The main interest of the competition was the fact that all the shorts lasted exactly 15 seconds. Brevity – sister of talent, isn’t it?

First place went insane stories Daniel Limmer “Emma”. The girl slowly approaches the camera and shows the audience a photo from the content which is on the back runs a chill. In my opinion, deserved victory!

The second position is a “black” joke derrick Bensenhaver called “the Day father and daughter”. I hope that when filming no the baby is not injured!

Third place – a clear homage to “Nightmare on elm street”. Sometimes this kripata dream.

And the fourth story resembles the story “the Moving finger” by Stephen king – only instead of a finger involved here other part of the body, which makes it a little more creepy.

Completing the top five leaders of the time loop, invented by Shahzada Ali.

With other short horror films from the first twenty can be found on the YouTube channel TromaMovies. And thanks for the tip to the subscriber of a public memory of Pavel Afanasenko!

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