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The Wii, which we deserve

The story of Gogol “Viy” has read everything. The 1967 film it did, maybe not all, but many – terrible for the unspoiled Soviet viewer and ridiculous for the audience present. And here he is back in our days, in the era of Russian blockbusters. Now this is not a cheap story for children, and a large-scale, steep, full of graphics, special effects and light humor movie.

The plot of this sequel Gogol. A year after the events described in the Cossack village comes a British cartographer Jonathan green – he travels with in order to make a map of Russia. The village is completely scared of the Wii, which occasionally appears in these parts, the village centurion (father pannochki) depressed, in fact, the power in the village was captured by the priest-zealot paisios. Jonathan is forced to stay because of the failure of the carriage and at the same time to understand the local voodoo…

To understand where mysticism ends and begins the imagination of the main character, is sometimes difficult. Wolves with burning eyes, from which Jonathan runs to the beginning of the film, winged dwarves, constantly climbing into the frame, and the Wii (it also appears) – so they real? A clear answer to this question we never receive. Everyone makes conclusions for themselves.

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Wii deigned to show the main hero. But we should not forget that it happened after the dollop of vodka

But the bias in the film more in the direction of detective: the hero does not believe in mysticism and is trying to prove that what is happening in the village – the handiwork of man. But mysticism is also trying to prove the opposite…

Anyway, the movie pleased: great for Russia, the special effects weren’t too stupid a plot. Of the actors particularly distinguished Zolotukhin: the only one of the members who could boast of a really lively game. Its minor and few people need a character remembered better than some of the more important. However, others also tried.

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But originality had not enough – very much the story gives “Sleepy hollow”. But the original stories into blockbusters almost never happens, so it’s probably not a minus for the film, and genre. The main thing is to unoriginal the plot is offset by the original filing. With this task the creators handled it very well. Not to mention their attention to detail: the speedometer on the carriage of Jonathan (and a bunch of other of his inventions), booze on mill and lots of other fun things, and not agregate wolves and Wii are doing the whole movie.

Where else can you see such a stylish carriage?

In General, the film turned out good: intriguing and beautifully shot. Finally, the audience got a Wii! But there is still at least two sequels – let’s hope they are not worse.

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