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The wife of the famous singer shared female secrets

Супруга известного певца поделилась женскими секретами Snezhana Babkin told how she manages to stay beautiful.

Wife Ukrainian singer and coach of the project “Golos Krainy” Sergey Babkin Snezhana told me what helps her stay so slim and beautiful.

She admitted that the main beauty secret “is to love yourself and to have a dialogue with your body.”

“This means not just saying “I love my body” or “I love myself”, it will do nothing. In the evening, for example, when you go to sleep, thank your body. How to do it? For example, you go and deliberately, taking each word, saying, “I thank my hair for what they are I have shiny, thick, well-combed, thank you, I love you!” Or: “I thank my heart for the fact that it never sleeps, always works for me is healthy, well, thank you, I love you.” “I thank your legs for what they were able to get so many miles did not give up, thank you that you are enduring. I thank you and love you”, says Snezhana.

Babkin believes that the body has to be love, to dialogue with him, thank him, and then it will reciprocate.

“You have to love it, because if you’re dissatisfied with something, for example, the hair do not grow, the nails break off or pimple popped, it is not necessary to tell the body how bad. Because then it will think you don’t like it”, – shares his thoughts the wife of the singer.

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