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The wife of Leonid Parfenov criticized Elena Volatile rightfully former restaurateur,

Since Elena Volatile has become the leading program “Revizorro”, restaurateurs and hotel owners can not sleep, and after the blonde went to check in the Moscow institutions, and even broke the scandal.

In recent editions of “Revizorro” the purity test is not passed the restaurant “Odessa-Mama” and cafe “Children Raika”. The Network immediately sparked heated debate: some blame Elena and the transfer of all mortal sins, others blame unscrupulous restaurateurs and dishonest employees of institutions.

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Do not stay aside and the wife of the journalist Leonid Parfenov Elena Chekalova is a former restaurateur. Elena has written for the site an article in which he criticized the activities of the program “Revizorro” and leading Lena Volatile. Chekalova believes that the show operates not in the interests of viewers, and only works on the ratings. The article received mixed reviews, and Elena continued to develop this theme in your Facebook.

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“Dear friends, since the publication notes “Revizorro” I got a lot of feedback, especially in the PM. Often one question: who touched me so, that I decided to write? Yes, I hurt: in the story of “Revizorro have a shared and very crafty injustice. I think about her to judge objectively, since two years have worked in the restaurant business, I know it from the inside, now onto other projects and not yet going back to restorative. <…> Yes, not everything is always straight and not all to everyone’s taste, but here’s an indisputable fact: in Russia it was interesting. And Yes, it is very easy to get in with the camera to the kitchen to find under the plate entirely clean potatoes and zachmorit “villains”. And nobody will say anything: think, some sort of restaurateur, as he should. You heard a lot of stories to who got food poisoning after dinner in a Moscow restaurant? I only 2-3 times in my life. But in the best restaurants in the world are poisoning. I once got food poisoning in Lyon in the establishment of Bocuse! Remember how eating creme brulee, which to me initially seemed dubious. Finished, damn it. Then the toilet didn’t break up) it happens. I even Bocuse not over) Because it does not present a poisoning hawthorn, which are really ambitious Russian problem. Much harder and most importantly more dangerous to explore the situation in Russian healthcare, education. I’m not talking about real estate, construction, oil and gas. That there would be fearless revizorro. Well, Yes they do understand and do not agree well there, where the truth can head off to tear,” said Chekalov (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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