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“The wicker man” and other sources of inspiration “Apostle”

Director Gareth Evans told what inspired, while working on the horror film “the Apostle”, which turn two weeks will be shown on Netflix.

Of course, the fans were expecting from the Director a very different picture, but “the RAID 3”. As he observes Evans, he’s flattered that fans demand a sequel, but he wanted to do something different. Something terrible.

I really wanted to make a horror film because I liked it when we shot “safe haven” for the anthology “V/h/S On 2”, where we had a blast together.

Then Evans goes directly to the development of “Apostle”:

The great influence of folk-horror. Before you begin to write, I watched a bunch of movies and all I’ve seen in the past, and things I’ve never seen before. Revised “the Wicker man”. Also revised “the Grand Inquisitor”. And I saw “the Devils” Ken Russell’s, which blew my mind, because I did not see them. This film is not about extremes. They only serve to subtext. I was amazed by this. But then there were a lot of things today. I jumped to such pictures as “death List” “a Field in England” Ben Wheatley. I was interested in the aesthetics of these films. There’s just something in the atmosphere that prevails in them, as if this is all real. But then the behavior of the character a little change, and you feel like hesitating with him. Something was pulling to the left or right, and you begin to feel anxiety. And that’s what I was trying to find in this film.

Sounds fine to me. I as a viewer, for example, will always prefer the film, which immediately scare in the forehead, and where skillfully stir up trouble. However, along with the suspense Evans promises and a lot of tin. Says did some research on the topic of medieval torture, and even reading was hard sometimes. What has he subtracted?

See October 12 on Netflix.

Topic: the Spooky secrets of the cult in the first trailer for “the Apostle”

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