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The who admits that the coronavirus is spread through the air through breathing

ВОЗ допускает, что коронавирус распространяется по воздуху через дыхание

The world health organization acknowledged that there was evidence that Covid-19 may spread small droplets exhaled by a person. A spray of such droplets can remain in the air for a long time.

Still, the organization is considered the primary method of virus spread large droplets emitted by sneezing and coughing. These droplets quickly settle on the surface, that was based the recommendation wash hands frequently.

Earlier in an open letter from 200 scientists accused the who that it underestimates the role of aerosol transmission method in the spread of the virus.

Transmission of the virus through the air cannot be ignored in the fight against the pandemic, said Wednesday evening the technical Director of the who to control the spread of diseases in the garden of Allegranzi.

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According to Allegranzi, the available data do not exclude the possibility that airborne droplets can be the source of infection in mass gatherings of people, and in closed and poorly ventilated areas.

In an interview with Reuters chemist Jose Jimenez from the University of Colorado who signed the letter, said the researchers wanted to draw attention to potentially dangerous circumstances.

“We wanted them to when you knew the evidence for it is. This is not an attack on who. This is a scientific dispute, but we decided to make it public because they didn’t want to listen to our evidence, although we have spoken with them,” he said.

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