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The Western media compare Putin’s Russia with ISIS

Западные СМИ сравнили путинскую Россию с ИГИЛWhile Putin President, Russia is our biggest global threat, says The Telegraph.

After the decisive steps of Ukraine to join NATO is expected that Russia actively undertake the weakening of the Western democracies.

Now the world’s attention increasingly riveted to defeat the “Islamic state”, so it’s easy not to notice how some countries are increasing their military resources to counter a large-scale potential threats of Russia Vladimir Putin, said in an article for the Telegraph.

Now for NATO priority is to protect the countries that want to move closer to the West. In particular, with this purpose, the United Kingdom and is expanding the program of military exercises Ukraine.

The total number of British military power deployed in Europe to combat Russian threat, can only be compared with similar measures aimed at combating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, according to the publication.

Most of the steps of Putin’s destabilization of Europe is trying to take advantage of circumstances, and is not an element of a larger plan destruction of the West. We fear, however, that the head of the Kremlin could miscalculate, which later turn into open conflict between Russia and the West, commented to the British newspaper, an unnamed senior official from the sphere of national security.

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