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The week in the NHL: “Washington” is leading in the entire League

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон» лидирует во всей лигеSumming up another week of the regular season for the hundredth season in NHL history.

The leader of the West “Minnesota” last week, has played just one match – “the Savages” lost to “Chicago”. “Blackhawks” gave a series of four matches in a row and caught up with Minnesota in the number of victories.

In the playoffs consistently to keep “San Jose”, “Anaheim” and “Edmonton”. “Nashville” and “calgary” in recent games have improved and managed to gain a foothold in the top 8. Abiding in crisis, “St. Louis” dropped to eighth place – to beat the “Blues” of the zone playoffs, perhaps, can only “Los Angeles” and “Winnipeg”.

Western conference:

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон» лидирует во всей лиге

Washington last week won two games out of three, allowing Baki to become the first club who scored 40 victories in a season. Metropolitan Grand relax do not allow “Pittsburgh”, “Columbus” and “Rangers”.

In the East the fight for the playoffs is yet to come – in addition to the preceding quarter in relative peace can only be “Montreal”. While the top 8 are held “Ottawa”, “Boston” and “Toronto”.

Eastern conference:

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон» лидирует во всей лиге

The leaders in the attack:

1. Conor McDavid (Edmonton) – 71 (21 goals, 50 assists)
2. Sidney Crosby (“Pittsburgh”) – 67 (34+33)
3. Brent Burns (“San Jose”) – 65 (27+38)
4. Patrick Kane (Chicago) – 65 (24+41)
5. Brad Marchand (Boston) – 64 (27+37)

Leading goaltenders:

1. Braden holtby (Washington) – the reliability coefficient of 1.97, 92.9% of the reflected shots
2. Dewan dubnik (“mn”) – KOF. 2,01, 93,3% neg. shots
3. Peter buday (“Tampa Bay”) – KOF. 2,12, and 91.7% neg. shots

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