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The war with Meganom in “the Walking dead” will end in the upcoming season

Fans of the series “the Walking dead” (those who are still in the ranks after a few boring seasons) in anticipation of the epic war between a group of Rick Grimes and Saviors, who heads Nigan, Amateur to smash someone’s skull with a bat. The chips are placed, the characters are ready, weapons loaded. It remains only to start killing.

Synopsis another Chapter of the zombie drama is as follows:

In the new season, Rick is preparing for full-scale war with Nigunim and his minions. The Saviors of more people, they are better equipped and ruthless – but Rick and they United communities forced to fight for a bright future. All the cards are laid on the table, when it starts full-fledged offensive.
Up to this point the question of survival was related only to the group of Rick, but not enough. In the struggle for freedom they have to win – to live and rebuild their settlements. As in any battle, in this they are waiting for surprises and losses. But Alexandria under the leadership of Rick, the Hilltop where Maggie is the leader, and the Kingdom led by King Ezekiel, together can finally put an end to Nagano and Saviors.

But how long will this confrontation? In one of recent interviews showrunner of “the Walking” , Scott M. Gimple made a clear statement: conflict will be resolved by the end of the upcoming eighth season. I mean, to stretch the plot does not. This fact can have important consequences: as you know, in a world of winning. people are more dangerous dead, and the main characters almost always have enemies. In the end, if there is no tension and interesting villains the show can sour in the depression, since the zombies are already largely perceived background. So who will replace the Saviors?

The most obvious option appears to be another outstanding group of comics – whispering around me or Whisperers (The Whisperers). These guys move together with the herds of zombies disguised as walkers. In the original they appeared just after the war with Nigunim were hints of them in the series. And the creators talked about the possibility of the appearance of whispering around me, which is headed shaved bald a woman named called alpha. Will we see them in the new season? This option cannot be ruled out. Perhaps they will introduce at the end as cliffhanger, as it was with Nigunim. Well, let’s see.

“The walking dead” returns October 22, 2017. The next episode will be a jubilee, hundredth, and so serious about leading actors zatusit with the edition of Entertainment Weekly, with the result that came to light, these bright covers.

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