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“The walking dead” got to sesame street!

The new season of “the Walking dead” is knocking at the door, foreign fans have to check out, and to us he’s coming over tonight thanks to the efforts of the guys from FOX. At the same time the creators hyping a rather impressive advertising campaign, throwing a network of promotional stills and clips from the series.

Hobbled Walking up to the long-lived “sesame Street” in this parody video, zombies are presented as gingerbread men, hungry for cookies. Local showed up and Rick Grimes, Daryl, Michonne and even the Governor. All childish, but nonetheless very funny – due to the recognizable facial features of the characters and background locations. This incarnation of the series looks much more fun than a bad selection of posters for the new season from Greg Nicotero!

And you are already familiar with an exclusive interview with Seth Gilliam?

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