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The volunteer told the details of night battle in Krasnogorovka

Волонтер рассказал подробности ночного боя в КрасногоровкеThe invaders went on Ukrainian military positions from the three tanks and several armored vehicles.

Pro-Russian militants has intensified significantly last night in the area Krasnogorovka in the Donbass, attacking positions of the Ukrainian military. Said former military intelligence officer, volunteer, “Turn alive” Andrew Rymaruk.

According to him, militant attacks were repulsed, but with loss.

“The guys say this, I personally do not remember the end of 2014/15 when the enemy gets armor and a storm is on the offensive. All these offensive, we managed to repel, but, unfortunately, we also have suffered losses,” – said Remark and added that in some places, the fighting lasted until 7-8 am.

He stressed that the enemy asked for attack of positions of VSU several armored vehicles under the cover of three tanks.

“Fighting in Krasnogorovka began at about midnight. The enemy first opened fire from 120-mm mortars, then joined cannon artillery: 2S1 and 2S3, and then included two self-propelled 152 caliber. After firing they went on the offensive once again hit from the “Grad”. All the attack of several units of armored vehicles covered three tanks. To imagine the scale of everything that happened in the night, very hard. Moreover, a very large number of shells has gone not according to our positions, and on the civilian population”, – said the veteran of the ATO.

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