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The volunteer told about the torture endured in captivity of terrorists of “DNR”

Волонтер рассказала о пытках, пережитых в плену у террористов «ДНР»Irina Boyko gave an interview.

The volunteer Irina Boyko from Poltava, who was in captivity of militants in 2014, spoke about the inhuman torture she suffered in captivity.

Boyko was captured on 20 June 2014 when you try to withdraw from the zone ATO civil.

“The first four days I was constantly beaten. On the first day just dragged by the hair, took “the shot” – shot over his head. Then again threw in the corner, which was the first days. On the second day it was a stick. The upper part of my body is “cotoletta antratsitovsky”. It’s more than a dozen blows: then 16, then 19. I was just trying to stand and count. Now I forgot already. It was blows with a stick on the head until you absolutely killed your ear. Hands here to here was just black. Here two ribs, here rib broken. It Is Anthracite. So beat in Anthracite for the Ukrainian language”, – she told.

“When they brought in Gorlovka, that almost immediately we were brought to the police Department. When removed from the car, then hit in the face with his fist. I have here in this part (shows) six facial fractures. Plus a broken jaw, broken nose… his Nose was like this (shows). I was very lucky, because here was the fracture of the temporal bone, but the left-hander was caught. Then it was even worse. Then there were the pliers, which pulled out the nails on the toes, fingers just crushing. It was on the left leg. Then there was the hammer. The hammer smashes the knee (showing wounds). Now, if you sit down, you will clearly see the broken knees – chop,” continued the volunteer

“See the scars from the hammer … This drill is more than 20 times the body is drilled with a drill bit. It is also a scar from a hammer. It was all broken. That’s a scratched knee with a hammer. Don’t know how I go. Drilled Breasts… It’s all drill, hammer, pliers… Abused as I could. The eyes… the eyes were difficult to take out, not with his hands. It left, but it got more eyes are damaged. It now sees nothing. Eye removed with a spoon. That is, the Chechen tried to pull the eye that is damaging to emerged. I don’t know why, but when he took out the spoon and saw that the eyes on the ground and once again attempted to insert the spoon, one of the militants who were present, took pity on me and said to eyes don’t touch,” she said.

Boyko added that one of her friends in captivity were shot.

“But the 24th in the morning, when I was brought to the Prosecutor’s office, the office of the Prosecutor, the torture, there was the corpse of my friend Bori, Misurenko. He was shot at point blank range. Here laceration, right eye he had, and left eye on the flight the bullet. About my other companions, I did not know, and Borino body… I was forced to wear packs on the body and clean the blood, remove the Cabinet from the blood after the dead body rendered a Bori. They also drilled, cut fingers, the spoon kept getting in my eyes – tore his eyes… It was in front of me, I saw it,” – said Boyko.

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