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The volunteer spoke about the difficult work of driver of “black Tulip”

Волонтер рассказал о сложной работе водителя "черного тюльпана"Wounded warriors bring to the broken “Gazelle”.

The driver of the broken “Gazelle” more than two years of dedicated transports the dead bodies of soldiers from a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation.

On the difficult and important work the volunteer wrote a novel Sinitsyn.

“Fame has sad eyes and a pretty good tremor in his hands. In “gazelles” rust on the sides of the through-hole, and falling off a tank of gas and it can break sometimes. The glory of the third year carries the bodies of dead soldiers home and to the morgue. From hospitals to morgues. From the morgue to the morgue. From the morgue home. He lives in Dnipropetrovsk region, from the ATO a couple of tens of kilometers”, – he wrote.

Sinitsyn has told about where he drives “the black Tulip” and that car, 1997 issue requires urgent replacement.

“Slavin, “Gazel” and drove for 12 bodies at a time, in sanitary bags. In the summer heat. “Gazelle” was in Volyn and Transcarpathia. Dozens of times. “Gazelle” rides of 70-80 miles per hour. In “gazelles” went the Glory and the tomb. Sometimes go combat brothers of the deceased and the father Andriy Zelinsky, today, coming back from the funeral of a marine corps fighter in Kiev. But most Glory to himself. Fame, coffin and “Gazelle”. Box energy and half a day or two in the road. Sometimes “Gazelle” pull when it breaks. With the body of a fighter. Glory says that around 1,200 bodies moved in all the time,” he said.

At the end of the post, the volunteer reported that after the publication of the sponsor, and the Glory soon to be new car.

TSE Thank.
I Gazelle 1997 rock the issue.

From Slavi sumn Ochi I nelabi tremor in his hands.

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