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The video surveillance system in Ukraine was named the main drawback

Система видеофиксации в Украине: назван главный недостатокWhat to expect Ukrainian drivers from of video system.

Last year in Ukraine the roads were established more than 5 thousand cameras. They should start to work within 2017.

Protocols and photo will be mailed to the owner of the car.

Camera recognize 10 kinds of violations of traffic rules. According to experts, the installed camera will not repeat the mistakes of the earlier technology, when the speed of one car technique attributed to another vehicle. Old camera worked with only one channel signal. Today’s cameras work on two channels – analog and digital. The violation occurs when the coincidence of data of the two channels. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Among the disadvantages of video system in Ukraine, experts call the problem of cars-doubles. According to some estimates, in Ukraine there are about 300 thousand of such cars-doubles. We are talking about identical machines of the same make, model, color, with the same numbers. These cars were imported illegally. The owners make the car a clone of a legitimate vehicle, which is taken from dedicated databases. It is likely that the twins will break the rules, and will pay the conscientious car owners. But it also will help the police to reach the car-clones.

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