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The Venezuelan President said the ultimatum of the EU

Президент Венесуэлы ответил на ультиматум стран ЕСIn the EU insist on the urgent election.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on European countries to abandon the ultimatum for elections in Venezuela.

The position of the head of Venezuela was confirmed by the foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza. “The Venezuelan government rejects demands of the European countries on the immediate announcement of new presidential elections. No one can set us a time or to talk about how to be elections or not,” he said during a meeting of the UN security Council.

However, the EU insists on immediate conduct of new presidential elections. So, the President of France Emmanuel macron said on Twitter that Maduro must within eight days to declare the country about elections.

“The Venezuelan people should be free to determine his future. If the election will be announced within eight days, we will be ready to recognize the leader of the opposition, Guido as President of Venezuela,” he said.

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