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The VEB asked for 70 billion rubles from the budget for the supply of Superjet for Aeroflot

ВЭБ попросил 70 млрд руб. из бюджета на поставку Superjet для «Аэрофлота»

VEB.Russia appealed to the government on additional capitalization of approximately 70 billion rubles, the Money needed Bank to Finance deliveries of the SSJ100 “Aeroflot”. VEB said that now the amount of capitalization is no longer relevant.

To Finance the delivery of a lease 100 planes Sukhoi Superjet Aeroflot and the state Corporation VEB.Of the Russian Federation in November 2019 requested the Ministry of Finance on the capitalization of approximately 70 billion rubles (to subsidize leasing rates). About it told RBC source in one of profile departments.

A source at a major leasing company confirmed RBC that the Bank asked so the government 40 billion rubles for subsidizing rates and the remaining funds will go directly towards the purchase of aircraft.
Why the web needed 70 billion rubles from the budget

That VEB will Finance the transaction “Aeroflot” the manufacturer of Sukhoi Superjet “Civil planes Dry” (GSS), was Chairman of the state Corporation Igor Shuvalov on 30 October, following the meeting of the Supervisory Board. “On all questions of the agenda were approved. The most important and difficult question was to acquire 100 planes Sukhoi Superjet to transfer the lease of our main national carrier — “Aeroflot”, — he said.

Shuvalov noted that the deal “is complicated and requires capital for VEB and liquidity”. The required amount of capitalization he did not elaborate, saying only that the entire amount of the transaction on purchase of 100 liners — $3.8 billion

According to the head of VEB, in the course of the Supervisory Board was presented with various options for financing the transaction, which include certain guarantees from the government or the involvement of other mechanisms. “Was tasked to finalize at the site of the Ministry of Finance, and we hope that before the end of the year the decision will be made in the final version”, — he concluded.
In a press-service of VEB.Russia told RBC that the script and the amount of recapitalisation “not relevant”. “The parameters of the deal are in the process of discussion, to talk about them in more detail — is premature,” — said the representative of the Corporation.

In a press-service of the government and the Finance Ministry declined to comment. RBC has sent requests to “Aeroflot” and GSS.

Implementation of the project of deliveries of the SSJ provided up to 2026. According to both sources of RBC in connection with subsidized leasing rates to supply the first ten liners “Aeroflot” capital requirements VEB was RUB 9.8 billion It was about property payment on the same amount, said one of the interlocutors.

The same amount for the purchase of liners from GSS in 2018 received in the form of subsidies to the State transport leasing company (gtlk), which previously has allocated 34 billion roubles from the budget for the purchase of 36 aircraft.

However, in December 2019 VEB has issued the transaction only five SSJ for Aeroflot, five more ships from the first batch in the end, financed by Sberbank, said Shuvalov on December 13. To determine the volume and sources of state support for the remaining 90 aircraft SSJ Corporation proposed in 2020, told the interlocutors of RBC.

At the end of last year it became known that the GSS has not fulfilled the plan of sales of the Sukhoi Superjet in 2019. In April it was reported that the annual supply plan of the aircraft was about 20-25 ships.


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