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The value of iron for women’s health

Значение железа для женского здоровьяThe level of fatigue was measured on a special scale before treatment and after 12 weeks.

The study showed scientists from Switzerland, supplementation with iron helps women cope with symptoms that they experience on a monthly basis.

Iron deficiency, called anemia, can cause fatigue, weakness and even fainting. According to a study involving 198 women, iron supplements help not only in these extreme cases, but after menstruation, when women have a slight deficiency of this trace element in the body.

Even if a woman does not suffer from a serious lack of iron in the body, supplementation with this mineral can solve the problems with fatigue and lack of energy. The overdose of iron can be hazardous to health.

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In the study, researchers observed over 200 women with symptoms of fatigue without any medical reasons. Half were given 80 milligrams of iron per day in pills, and the rest – dummy medication. The level of fatigue was measured on a special scale before treatment and after 12 weeks.

The results showed that women who took medication with iron, the level of fatigue decreased by 50%. “Iron deficiency may be the cause of weakness and fatigue in women of childbearing age. If the patient complains of fatigue, it is necessary to take into account iron deficiency,” noted the study authors.

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They are reminded that excessive supplements of iron can cause serious damage to internal organs. In addition to iron supplements, with loss of strength help us to cope, physical exercise, changes in diet and adequate sleep.

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