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The validator is theft, meter protest

Валидатор воровства, электросчетчик протеста

“Divorce suckers” has long been normal for Russia, a way of dressing, and at all levels.

A friend told me about overheard in the tram conversation technicians serving the validators. Apparently, the shared professional secrets with the Intern.
Show full profile… it Turns out, often at the last door public transport specifically put the faulty device which is not showing on the display that the payment was made, but the trip retired. Very effective validator, because the first few times makes him travel and then spit, and goes to pay for transport to another device. To fix such a validator is not necessary, taught trainee technician experienced with carrier compensates the losses from the passage of hares on the route.

What a graceful formulation: compensate for the losses. Though in fact, the carrier just deliberately robbing honest passengers, justifying the fact that he robbed the “rabbits”. And it is still unknown who then robs more.

“Compensate for losses” and mobile operators. From year to year the number of customer complaints that they are connecting services they did not order. Remember the same sensational history of the country gate “subscribing” to the paid services of one of the big three operators. Gates chose the “motorsports”, “useful tips” and “hi-tech news”. This is a decent gate was. Someone, write in social networks, garage with GSM-relay to view connected. And in my country the modem is “on your own” subscribed to channels and pay movies. I learned this by accident when I cut off Internet for “non-payment” and had to figure out where the money gone from the account.

According to the same scheme, apparently, is under construction and the business of private companies that serve the traffic cameras. Even if the driver did not break, it is easier and cheaper to pay the fine than to go find out the truth and to sue the state office, has received part of the road network actually feeding.

As you know, is not caught — not a thief. But somehow I believe in widespread in people version that the management firms serving the camera, pulls the staff plan for the collection of fines. Because the more the funds collected will go to the state Treasury, the greater the profit will be given to the owner of the equipment that works for a percentage of the fees.

And for the government, it turns out, is beneficial not so much order on the roads to direct how much “cut” more fines. And so true or untrue — it second. By the way, in the capital recently appeared a new type of camera, controlling all the space of the right lane on the roads. And drivers began packs to penalties for stopping the car in a prohibited place: 3000 rubles, by the way. To challenge them is even more difficult than for speeding, try and prove that you are stopped in traffic, for example, and not to someone to plant.

And I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the deputies, lobbying for the law on the automatic cancellation penalties of up to three thousand rubles from Bank accounts of the violators of traffic rules, somehow associated with this increasingly lucrative business.

Generally, of course, it would be interesting to see how the workshops in a decent-looking firms making profit on the “divorce suckers”. How are you going employees in expensive costumes, took their places at a large table by the panoramic Windows overlooking the urban landscape, spread on the table iPads, which sketched ideas to increase profits and offer: “come on, Viktor, install two cameras at this intersection. The week I spent there, forced to stop each second on the right need the car to pass. We are at this point, a month earn more than a year on the Avenue”.

Or: “come on, Dmitry Semenovich, new long trams our highly efficient validators install not just at the end of the composition, but also in the middle. I did the math: it is possible to finish the year with a decent advantage, even on this year’s Christmas bonus employees will remain.”

Or quite cynically: “Well, gentlemen, fellow employees, pokrenem Russian suckers? Anyone have any ideas for the innovative development of our business?”

Or, if deliberative table is somewhere in the White house: “Well, VAT raised, the retirement age was raised, the prices of these services too. What else will raise?”

Sadness is not even the fact that an honest citizen and taxpayer in this situation really feels like a complete goof, but that the citizens once again convinced that private business is no better than the thieves of the state. And that generally to be honest — silly and outdated. And in response also includes ingenuity.

Know what the most popular searches in the Runet? How to cheat an electric meter, how to fool the payment terminal how to cheat anti-plagiarism how to cheat a lie detector (it’s mostly the officials of an average hand interested, we have a polygraph fighting corruption) — and so on. Given the widespread public and parapublic obdiralovka to tighten up the meter a little if not courage, at least some kind of protest, albeit furtively.

However, what the state is and protest. And protesting on the sly, even the most Patriotic. Recently, here came the master to put the water meters. Turned out to be politically savvy. In vain, says Putin released Khodorkovsky — now he shits from abroad. But I was more interested in the question of economy. Ask: do you have the counters stand? Have less to pay? “And I do not cry — meets. — Thank God, versed in the art. And the fact that state no money is not enough. The whole country Khodorkovsky plundered…”

Even did not know what to say.

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