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“The vagus nerve is I’m working”: funny jokes about real life

«Блуждающий нерв – это я на работе»: смешные приколы о реальной жизниBe positive always and everywhere.

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes on colorful postcards.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

I come to work to work and not to answer any stupid questions, like, why am I awake, but still drunk…


The roads are such a mess going on! Terrible right to buy.


– Rose Shaw I have to say… You, of course, today produced on the beach furor, but… Thong still need to wear a narrow strip in the back!


– The vagus nerve is what and where?
– I’m at work…


It is better to leave in English than to wait for send in Russian…


There is a bypass in the hospital. The nurse asks the doctor:
– Why do you ear candle?
– E-my! Who am I then stuck a pencil?


The truck driver with 44 years of experience, have grown three generations of prostitutes.


Call the travel Agency:
– I would like to relax.
– What amount have?
– 500 UAH.


At the new year ball boy in a suit of cucumber was bitten by a drunken gym teacher.


Did you know that Ukraine’s problem is not that she can’t feed the poor, and that the rich can’t get drunk?..

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