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The USGS intends to mine minerals in space

Геологическая служба США собирается добывать минералы в космосе The organization began the process of evaluating the possibilities of such production.

A number of useful resources on our planet, unfortunately, limited. And sooner or later they will end.

Already, some of them get more difficult than, say, 150-200 years ago. So why not look into space? Recently it became known that the US Geological survey (USGS) began an assessment of the moon, earth orbit and the nearest space to the possibility of mining resources.

As stated by angel abbud-Madrid, Director of the Center for space resources Colorado school of mining, mining of space resources will bring great benefit according to USGS data about the assessment of the location and value of the minerals, metals and other resources on the moon, Mars and even on asteroids.

Around our planet there are a lot of asteroids and each of them may contain valuable materials. Resource extraction will help in the implementation of future space missions and improve the ecology of the Earth.”

At the moment there are no USGS funding levels to implement such ambitious plans, however, now developed a program for assessing the suitability of space bodies for the extraction of minerals.

The obtained information can be used to develop models for the extraction of minerals and shipping them to the Earth. This will be the basis for the development of the industry and will help to more effectively use the materials extracted from the depths of cosmic bodies.

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