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The use of these products get rid of food poisoning

Употребление этих продуктов избавит от пищевых отравленийCan walnuts and olive oil to protect people from food poisoning?

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Denmark found that fatty acids of omega-3 to “turn off” the bacteria of the genus Listeria, reducing their ability to cause infection.

Walnuts, olive oil and trout can prevent deadly food poisoning at the expense of “turning off” genes of bacteria of the genus Listeria, as found by scientists from the University of southern Denmark. In all of these foods contain fatty acids omega-3, significantly reducing the ability of bacteria to cause infection. Although these acids and do not kill the bacteria themselves, this tactic can be useful because the micro-organisms under all attacks become resistant to them.

Researchers have shown that occurring naturally in food is completely harmless and very healthy fatty acids inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria. In the long term, this means the possibility of developing new treatments for food poisoning, and not only caused by Listeria and other dangerous bacteria that have currently developed resistance to antibiotics.

During their experiments, the scientists tested the effect of different concentrations of fatty acids omega-3 for bacteria. It turned out that just 30 minutes after exposure to bacteria in low concentrations of omega-3 provided a desirable effect. They “turn off” specific genes responsible for the ability of Listeria to cause infections. Moreover, the scientists stresses that omega-3 did not kill the bacteria, but only choked them out, and this is useful because when hard attacks microorganisms have developed new survival strategies, which made them more resistant to all treatments.

Bacteria can develop resistance to all drugs, but a strategy that allows them to live but to stay harmless, is more productive than fighting to destroy, sometimes not bring any result.

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