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The US military create the body armor of a heavy-duty spider silk

Военные США создают бронежилет из сверхпрочного "паучьего шелка"
Scientists believe that the material is stronger than Kevlar and lighter than nylon.

Chemists from the Research laboratory of the air force and Purdue University are developing artificial spider silk for the manufacture on its base armor.

Scientists several decades investigating spider silk and trying to create its artificial counterpart. The fact that the material has excellent conductivity – gives more heat than it absorbs. This property coupled with lightness and strength can be used in different areas, from electronics to bulletproof vests and prosthetic for the correction of the breast.

In the case that the military will be able to synthetic material based on spider silk, in addition to body armor will make tents and parachutes. However, the synthetic spider silk will cost twice as much as Kevlar and nylon, predict the researchers.

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