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The US government went on a difficult step for treatment of a serious disease

Власти США пошли на непростой шаг ради лечения тяжелой болезниNow, leukemia can be treated through gene therapy.

The American authorities first approved the application of the method of gene therapy for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common malignant disease in childhood and adolescence.

Experts called the decision a historic step that opens a new era in cancer treatment.

Thus, treatment of CAR-T, developed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and the University of Pennsylvania, is the first type of gene therapy, enters the United States market.

It’s a completely different way to use the immune system than the popular immunotherapeutic drugs, which are called “inhibitors points” that treat different types of cancer, helping the natural T-cells to better define the tumor.

With the help of genetic engineering in cells injected with a new gene that contains a special protein. Gene makes lymphocytes aggressively attack and kill leukemic cells.

During the test, 83 percent of patients went into remission.

The drug will be manufactured individually for each patient, the cost of treatment is $ 475 000, but the company promises not to take money if in the patient’s condition within a month after start of treatment there will be no improvements.

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