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The US army has tested a laser weapon to shoot down drones. Video

Армия США испытала лазерное оружие, сбивающее дроны. ВидеоLosing tails, the drones fell.

The command of the U.S. army tested a laser installation ATHENA, designed to neutralize drones
During testing on a rocket range White Sands in new Mexico, 30-kilowatt installation class ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) shot down 5 drones Outlaw. In the last series of tests of the prototype of the ATHENA system used advanced technology for beam control and efficient fiber laser. Setting affects airborne targets in flight, resulting in loss of control and structural failure.

“Conducted at the White Sands tests against air targets confirmed modeled a devastating effect and reproduced the results that we obtained for stationary purposes on our own test site,” – said the chief engineer of Lockheed Martin, which funded the development of ATHENA, Keoki Jackson.

ATHENA is a portable ground system that is inexpensive experimental platform for technology demonstration of laser weapons. It uses a 30-kilowatt installation of ALADIN (Accelerated Laser Demonstration Initiative), which provides greater efficiency and crushing strength. Energy needs meets the compact generator of Rolls-Royce.

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