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The United States signed a contract with a company to develop laser weapons

США подписали контракт с компанией для разработки лазерного оружияThus, the company will develop the latest weapons for destroyers.

The U.S. Navy has signed with Corporation Lockheed Martin a contract to develop laser weapons.

The amount of the transaction amounted to 150 million dollars. A new weapon must be created by 2020.

The Pentagon is interested in equipping the U.S. armed forces by such systems to protect against “swarms” of drones and missiles. In the future, they may begin to play a greater role if the developers will be able to make them effective against ballistic missiles and aircraft, says Bloomberg.

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“Laser weapon system was conceived decades. One of the problems which prevented the introduction of such weapons — we didn’t have enough powerful, compact and efficient laser,” said senior researcher engaged in the development of lasers Lockheed Martin Rob Afzal.

System called Helios, which rely in the U.S. Navy designed to track and destroy drones or boats approaching the ship. It will be included in a missile defense system “aegis” destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke”, writes Bloomberg.

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