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The United States first tested the newest anti-ballistic missile interceptor

США впервые испытали новейший перехватчик баллистических ракетTesting was delayed for several years.

The United States first tested a system to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). This was announced in an official statement the missile defense Agency of the United States.

Experts have launched an interceptor missile from an underground bunker air force base “Vandenberg” in California on the mock ICBM launched from a test site Ronald Reagan in the Marshall Islands. If all goes according to plan, the interceptor destroyed a target over the Pacific ocean.

According to the representative of the missile defense Agency Christopher Johnson, a rocket designed to mimic the ICBMs fly faster than those that were used in the previous intercept test. However, he said that the layout is not the layout of the North Korean missiles.

These tests had been planned for many years but to force things on the American side had after the actions of the DPRK, which holds the private launches of ballistic missiles and regularly threatens to “imperialistic West and its South Korean puppets”.

The last time the system intercept ICBMs tested in 2014, and then the tests were successful, but three previous attempts were unsuccessful. Over the entire 20 years of existence of the system was made 39 runs, however, only 17 of them were interception educational targets. In the end, turned out to be successful less than half of them — eight launches. The intercept of ICBMs have not been tested even once.

As reported, the tests were announced by the Pentagon on Tuesday. Attention was drawn to the growing concern of the USA concerning development of missile programs in North Korea and Iran that threaten not only the region, but also national security of the United States.

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