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The UN warned of a pandemic worse than hunger

ООН предостерегла о пандемии страшнее голода2.6 billion people living today in the world have excess weight.

The UN has said that the global threat of obesity for people around the world today more significant than the problem of malnutrition. Director-General food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), josé Graziano da Silva noted: the number of people suffering from obesity may exceed the number of hungry people.

About the pandemic of obesity that threatens the modern world, the UN representative spoke at the ongoing Vatican seminar on food safety and healthy eating. In his opinion, there are several factors that can give impetus to the development of such a pandemic, but the most serious of them is the unhealthy diet of people.

“The availability of high-calorie foods, which contains a considerable number of fat, sugar and salt, but low in nutrients is a risk factor for the prevalence of such obesity-related non-communicable diseases, like stroke, diabetes and some cancers,” said da Silva.

According to the expert of the UN 2.6 billion people living today in the world have excess weight. The percentage of people having obesity has been steadily increasing: in 2012 the figure was 11.7 percent in 2016, the rate amounted to 13,2%.

“Without urgent action the world will soon be more people obese than hungry people,” – said the UN representative.

As such measures organizations offer practice taxes on imports of unhealthy foods, limiting advertising unhealthy foods to children, reducing standards of sugar and salt for food production, as well as a ban on the use of TRANS fats.

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