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The UN Secretary General stated the need to reform the security Council

Генсек ООН заявил о необходимости реформирования СовбезаThe Secretary General acknowledged that in the current format, the Security Council is unable to respond effectively to emerging issues.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, antónio Guterres, said the need to reform the UN security Council. According to him, the UN security Council in its current form can not effectively respond to problems.

“If you look for example at the UN, today there is a clear distrust of the Security Council, a clear understanding of the fact that the Security Council no longer corresponds to the logic of today’s world, which is different from the world that existed after world war II, when it created the Council,” said Guterres.

In addition, the UN Secretary General considers it necessary to reform the international financial institutions.

He believes that many international organizations, lacks the ability to respond effectively to contemporary issues.

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